37th Milo Marathon 2013 - Cebu Running

“ Takbo na! Help give a child a pair of shoes. ”

September 22, 2013 4:00 AM


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Kevin de Jesus (@ktd137) shared a story.


Stepping up and running further

This run is a challenge to myself to step up from 12K and step closer to my goal of finishing a marathon. I believe that I don't tire easily and that I can run long distances. This was further reinforced during my first 12K runs. Before, I just used to run towards the finish line and still make good ... Read More

Jason Dorado (@jason.dorado) September 23, 2013, 10:20pm

Naa lain 21km tol.. join ta

Mark Buenconsejo (@markjeee) September 24, 2013, 7:57am

naa sa oct 6, sa SRP na pud! :D

Kevin de Jesus (@ktd137) September 24, 2013, 8:22am

Hahaha. Chill sa siguro ta oi. Unya mag training na kog tarong.

Jason Dorado (@jason.dorado) September 24, 2013, 12:28pm

Ayaw kalimot ugma tol.

Of the 1100+ 21k runners of yesterday’s Milo run in Cebu, 850+ finished within the cut-off time. That's about 77%, meaning only 23% did not reached the cut-off. At 2:35 cut-off, then it comes close to the flat 20% who did not reached the cut-off.

Imagine that, 900 people ran a very fast half-marathon yesterday. I wonder, what's the data in the past years. I wonder, what will be next years? 1,500??? Bring it on!

You can view the results here:


Koyomi Araragi (@bujoc) shared a story.

Never pace someone who runs faster than your pace .. or else ..

I have been inviting a fraternity brother of mine for quite some time to run an official event no matter what distance it is. I've run with him and saw that he is more than capable of running up to a half-mary. At last maybe he bit the bait this time. But there's a catch. He'll run it if i pace him. ... Read More

Lon Cat (@lonscat) September 23, 2013, 12:15pm

mingaw kog dagan kuyug akong partner, gio.. ^^

John Paul Villamor (@johnpaul.villamor.54) September 24, 2013, 4:29am

It's a 'lil bit tricky to run on KAI especially if you're still a newbie(just like me). Blisters might be a sign of improper foot landing,over-striding,or too-tight tying. It's still possible to run on KAI with less slapping sound though. Just need the right running form(I'm still practicing it). But overall, I have much fun running in KAI sandals than in shoes.

Good job mate! Keep Running on KAI. Hehehe.

Here's an example of a famous and very fast Huarache Runner. I really like his running style...


Koyomi Araragi (@bujoc) September 24, 2013, 4:41am

thanks for the advise @john .. wow pat really does have a nice style. i can only do some stretches where my heel never lands but maybe soon. one thing i cant do is have a stride as full as what pat and other runners have. i have a knee ligament injury (acl or mcl) and that has stopped me form even trying a full stride. so now on kai i try the short but fast ones. a little more tiring than the usual.

its my first time to have that blister near the strap. i think its because of the faster than usual pace that i had to maintain during this run. but yes i hope to improve it as i rack up some more miles on these kais. thanks again john.

Rose Buenconsejo (@owrange) September 24, 2013, 3:43pm

aguy. i can sense! careful2x @giovanniruiz1925 coz u might end up in some longerrr distance =)

Soybitz Rebojo (@vissueloreobojo) September 24, 2013, 4:41pm

wooott.... bro Koyomi it may help if you'll apply Petroleum Jelly. Or change the strap into shoelace. :)
Congrats bro and to your brother! ^_^

Koyomi Araragi (@bujoc) September 24, 2013, 6:18pm

tnx @vissueloreobojo ! yep tig-gamit ko petroleum jelly but dili sa straps dapit. but after this race i learned i need to apply in those areas also specially for longer distances. learning stage pa ko on kai so still weighing what works and what doesnt. so salamat kaau for the advise from certified kai runners.. soon i-personalize nya ni nako.

Elvis Von Causing (@causing.von) September 26, 2013, 6:16am

Go Kai Runners!

mareee, smile na! finish line na! time for selfie! =)


Salimuang Runner (@dennis.igloria) shared a story.


Tribute Run to Who Gave Me Life - Part 2

When suffering from Renal Failure one can get into a lot of complications and Dyspnea is one of them. Mom was hospitalized because she was suffering from shortness of breath. Doctors diagnoses was that she was suffering from Dyspnea secondary to renal failure. It was difficult to watch her. Always ca ... Read More

Rose Buenconsejo (@owrange) September 23, 2013, 12:57am

kon wa nilisngag, nigawas ang dila. mao jud ni'y Dyspnea =) congrats, dens! kita ko nimo sa finish line.i think you finish in 2:13! =) amazing!

Salimuang Runner (@dennis.igloria) September 23, 2013, 1:28am

thanks @owrange . Yes, garmin says 2:12:51 :D

My first Milo Marathon experience. Pag abot sa capitol ni sakit some part of my chest pero nawa rapud pag taod2x.. Pag abot sa foodland medyu ni sakit ako tiyan. Ayay lain na ni dah. May nalang nadala ra og ampo hehe. Salamat sa Ginoo nga ni hatag naku og kusog, got my new PR for 21k, from 2hrs 16mins, to 2hrs 2mins and now 1hr 59mins. Congratz to all the runners who joined the Milo Marathon. Godbless sa tanan.

Salamat pud sa naka pacing nku from ARC, Te Mary Luz, og sa katong isa nga ambot kung unsay club ato niya hehehe.

Thnx also to my ADRhttps://www.facebook.com/ADRfreerunning

Milo Cebu King & Queen: Philip Duenas & Joy Tabal, both qualifier with all expense paid trip to the National Finals in Manila

Milo Male Top placers Cebu 2013 21K (more official):
1st - John Philip Duenas, 2nd - Bonifacio Monjas, 3rd - Rj Tillor, 4th - Paul James Zafico

Milo Eliminations Cebu Female Top Results: 1st - Mary joy tabal, 2nd - christy tutor, 3rd - sandra soliano, 4th - virginia parajenog, 5th - rhoda oporto

21k and 10k champions.
21k: 1st - john philip duenas, 2nd - bonifacio monjas, 3rd - joebert carolino

Rose Buenconsejo (@owrange) September 22, 2013, 12:22am

Not official result. Jobert withdrW from the race making boni 2nd, rj tillor 3rd

The front packers!

Edge Ramas (@edgenike) September 22, 2013, 3:05am

@owrange ,

Edge Ramas (@edgenike) September 22, 2013, 3:07am

kinsa nang DSLR, imoha? dako ra kaayu ang ISO. hehehe pwede ra unta mag external flash unya pagamyon ang ISO and gamit tripod. ok ra ang shutter speed og aperture.

Rose Buenconsejo (@owrange) September 23, 2013, 1:00am

@edgenike di ni dslr. point & shoot. obvious kaayo di ko kabawo mo picture. hehe =)

Edge Ramas (@edgenike) September 23, 2013, 4:40am

ok ra na. ni agi pod ko ka-dili kibaw mo picture. ni agi pod ko point & shoot sa wa pa ko mag DSLR.

we'll be making a few live random updates of Milo Cebu Leg eliminations thru this event page. also feel free to share your updates. u can actually now upload photos via mobile web thru this page.

Good luck sa tanan managan this weekend! :)


Salimuang Runner (@dennis.igloria) shared a story.


Science and Running a Pre-race Story

When we run, our pace and endurance are influence with lots of things from physiological to psychological factors. During an intense exercise such as sprinting the demand for energy increases, glucose is then broken down and oxidized to pyruvate, and lactic acid is produced from the pyruvate faster t ... Read More


Meanwhile, organizers of the Cebu qualifying race for the 37th Milo national marathon have extended their registration for the Sept. 22 race until Friday.

The race will start and end at the Cebu City Sports Center and is expected to have 25,000 runners.

Organizer Ricky Ballesteros said the race features the men’s and women’s 21K, 10K, 5K and 3K divisions, with the 3K and 5K already sold out.

“The 21K and 10K slots are still open but there are only 100 slots,” said Ballesteros.

One of the sidelights of the race is a cheer dance competition for elementary, secondary and t

ertiary levels.

Ballesteros added that they will still be using the same race route as last year.


The route map is very misleading... It says, the second turning point of 21k is near Cafe Alde but that is not Cafe Alde but that is near Leonas. Cafe Alde is somewhere near mabolo church. Pls. clarify this. Thanks.

Rose Buenconsejo (@owrange) September 21, 2013, 11:43am

@Junry last year, it was up to cafe alde.

malapit na mga kalaro ko sa 21k -----21years ngayon pa ako nakabaik sa pagtakbo my last entry is 20K Magnolla International marathon Quirino Grandstand M.M.


JM Nacua (@jade909mangyao)

asa man ta maka pa register ana milo marathon?

Edge Ramas (@edgenike) August 11, 2013, 2:50pm

abellana gihapon na

@owrange yoW

JM Nacua (@jade909mangyao) August 10, 2013, 3:26am

asa man ta magpa register?

i was there mo reg ta ko bisan ulahe ang singlet pero gipasa-pasa man ko nila sa incharge didto,,,,,,tapos ana pato usa nga tiguwang nga "sa pikas lang daw ko mag pa reg kai dili ko local government :((

@ramonfernandeziii @scanada2 pwede naman register sa 21k, inquired ganiha. pero di pa makuha dayon ang singlet =)

sugod na ang registration pero 3k pa ug 5k ang naa kai sa 21k wala pa daw ni abot ang race kit

@ramonfernandeziii adto ko later. mag ask ko if naa na.


R R Fernandez (@ramonfernandeziii)

sugod na ba ang registration?

di pa nako kaya ang 21k sir, newbie pa biya ko, kuyaw sa injury :)
i'll go for 10k, next year nako mag21 :)

thanks for sharing the info @twinkle047 =) what category are u racing? dali ra ba na ma sold out ila 21k =)

Edge Ramas (@edgenike) August 11, 2013, 2:48pm

agree with this one. dali ra bitaw na mahurot ang 21K... Last year, I only ran 5K coz wala ko practice at that time coz I was in Manila for more than one month before the run...

thank you @runfest . called CCSC earlier and said it's okay to bring the small sachets, provided that it accumulates to at least 300grams

. Interested participants are required to pay a non-refundable entry fee plus
one (1) MILO® 300g empty pack alongside the accomplished and signed
official registration form. @twinkle047

do you guys know unsa nga mga milo sachet sizes kailangan ihatag upon registration? para maandaman na. thanks

Participants in the 21K provincial elimination races will have two ways to qualify and compete in the 42.195K National Finals:

a.Male finishing the race within 1:15:00 and female finishing the race within 1:35:00 will qualify and get an all expense paid trip to Manila. It is their responsibility to contact the national race organizer on or before November 15, 2012 to coordinate their travel arrangements to Manila.Those who will not compete in the National Finals forfeit all their privileges.

b.Participants finishing the race within the specified age bracket and time below will qualify. All expenses related to their participation will be shouldered by the qualifier.

Age Group Men Women
18-34 1hrs 30min 1hrs 40min
35-39 1hrs 35min 1hrs 45min
40-44 1hrs 40min 1hrs 50min
45-49 1hrs 45min 1hrs 55min
50-54 1hrs 50min 2hrs 00min
55-59 2hrs 00min 2hrs 10min
60-64 2hrs 10min 2hrs 20min
65-69 2hrs 20min 2hrs 25min
70 & up 2hrs 30min 2hrs 30min

Ronald Matabalan (@ronald.matabalan.18) August 19, 2013, 11:50pm

ok kaayo kay firsttlme pako makadagan diha sa cebu city hehehehe

also, guys, lahi ang quality sa singlet sa 3/5k ug 10/21k. the singlet quality last year was very nice sa 10/21k =)

oopppsss. sorry, that was last year. they increased na diay this year. @twinkle047 bytheway, previous years, they require runners to bring empty packets of milo upon registration. so start saving your milo packets. =)

uhm P100 lage sa 5k? and P75 for students...

milo is not really strict on implementing it. =) but for those in 5k/3k category, which reg fee is only P50, we somehow owe Milo to wear the singlet -- it's marketing after all =)

@edgenike - hi Sir, this is posted from Milo site, mao man ilang rule. And this is implemented man pod dugay na. :)

hmmm kailangan pa jud magsuot sa Milo singlet? I think dili necessary mag suot og Milo singlet but racebib hinuon is a must.


Category Price Registration Date Details
21K PHP600.00 includes singlet, bib number, route map. Finishers medal, certificate, and loot bag.
10K PHP500.00 includes singlet, bib number, route map and finishers certificate.
5K PHP100.00 includes singlet, bib number, route map and finishers certificate.
5K - Students PHP75.00 includes singlet, bib number, route map and finishers certificate.
3K - Kiddie Run PHP75.00 includes singlet, bib number, route map and finishers certificate.
Download Registration form here>>>

Cebu City Race Organizer:

Mr. Ricky Ballesteros
- 032-254-8567
- 0920-908-9742


With this years theme: "Iba't-ibang hinahabol, Iisang Takbuhan."



3K Kiddie Run
Boy’s and Girl’s Divisions:
◘ Champion: P1,500 + Trophy 4th Place: P250+Medal
◘ Runner-up: P1,000 + Trophy 5th–10th Place: P150+Medal
◘ 3rd Place: P500 + Trophy 

5K Fun Run
Men’s & Women’s Divisions:
◘ Champion: P2,500 + Trophy 4th Place: P500+Medal
◘ Runner-up: P1,500 + Trophy 5th–10th Place: P250+Medal
◘ 3rd Place: P1,000 + Trophy 

10K Run
Men’s & Women’s Divisions:
◘ Champion: P5,000 + Trophy 4th Place: P1,000+Medal
◘ Runner-up: P3,000 + Trophy 5th–10th Place: P500+Medal
◘ 3rd Place: P2,000 + Trophy 21K Run (Eliminations)

21K Run (Eliminations)
Men’s & Women’s Divisions:
◘ Champion: P10,000 + Trophy 4th Place: P2,000+Medal
◘ Runner-up: P6,000 + Trophy 5th–10th Place: P1,000+Medal
◘ 3rd Place: P4,000 + Trophy 

21K Run (National Finals) Open Category
Men’s & Women’s Divisions:
◘ Champion: P15,000 + Trophy 
◘ Runner-up: P12,000 + Trophy 
◘ 3rd Place: P10,000 + Trophy

Local Category
Men’s & Women’s Divisions:
◘ Champion: P8,000 + Trophy 4th Place: P2,000+Medal
◘ Runner-up: P6,000 + Trophy 5th–10th Place: P1,000+Medal
◘ 3rd Place: P4,000 + Trophy 
Note: All 21-K finishers within the cut-off time will receive a medal and loot bag.

42.195K Metro Manila Elimination Race 
Men’s & Women’s Divisions:
◘ Champion: P50,000 + Trophy 4th Place: P10,000+Medal
◘ Runner-up: P30,000 + Trophy 5th–10th Place: P5,000+Medal
◘ 3rd Place: P20,000 + Trophy

42.195K National Finals Open Category
Men’s & Women’s Divisions:
◘ Champion: P300,000 + Trophy 
◘ Runner-up: P250,000 + Trophy 
◘ 3rd Place: P200,000 + Trophy 

Local Category
Men’s & Women’s Divisions:
◘ Champion: P150,000 + Trophy 4th Place: P30,000+Medal
◘ Runner-up: P100,000 + Trophy 5th–10th Place: P10,000+Medal
◘ 3rd Place: P75,000 + Trophy 

Additional Notes:
Fastest Filipino 42.195K winners (male & female) will be dubbed as the 2013 MILO® Marathon King and Queen respectively and will be given the opportunity to compete in an international race outside the country. All expenses will be shouldered by MILO. All 42.195K finishers within the cut-off time will receive a medal, a loot bag, and an exclusive finisher’s shirt.

Bonus Prizes for Local Runners:
P50,000 bonus for the first runner who breaks the 2:15:00 invisible time barrier
P20,000 bonus for the first runner who breaks the 2:18:53 men’s course record of Eduardo Buenavista
P20,000 bonus for the first female runner who breaks the 2:48:16 women’s course record of Jhoan Banayag
Finishers in all categories within the cut-off time will receive a certificate of finish.

Winners must be physically present to receive their awards during the awarding ceremony. Uncollected prizes will be donated to the "HELP GIVE SHOES ADVOCACY" or disposed at the discretion of the race organizer. 
Results will be uploaded two (2) days after each race. Visit www.milo.com.ph for more details.

Map Details for 37th Milo Marathon 2013 - Cebu City will be uploaded soon.....
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