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Second attempt on Coast to Coast 65K: I was feeling confident that I could finally get it to the finish line, at least around the cut-off time or maybe a little over it.

As they said that "visualization" is a big help to push you to a finish a race. Thus, before the race, I was constantly visualizing my finish-line moment: I'd be crying of tears with joy at some dark-lit Toledo Gym, the finish line area, clasping my medal, and hugging the husband, that yes, we finally made it!!!

But there was no crying-of-tears-of-joy at the finish line of Toledo Gym as we're not even able to reach the border of Toledo. I was instead sitting in some "cottage" along the route wanting to strangle the husband.

Coast to Coast is important to me because it's my sort-of graduation rite. If I could not survive the elevation of the fattest mountain highway in Cebu, I don't know how I would fare in other bigger races. Thus, I was hurt because I felt Mark was too selfish and irresponsible for doing a 3-day bike ride around Cebu with a conniving friend the previous weekend. As such, my future in running was compromised. =)

Anyhoo, I believe that bottomline is, "Try harder, Rose." I could come up with 101 excuses but it won't change any thing.

To make it less hurting, I just comforted myself with the following feel-good words:

"No, I don’t want prizes. That means you’re finished." - Haruki Murakami on the possibility of winning the Nobel Prize in 1999
Congrats to all those who toed in at the starting line, finish or not!
Following are snippets of stories for this year's edition from the random shots I was able to take.

With Dagan Caritas whom most of them were trying their 1st time at ultra distance races in Coast to Coast.
Dagan Caritas Running Group
Indie Runners, the barefoot Romil and almost-barefoot RJ.
Barte, that ex-soccer dude with a wasted knee, and Danao City Miler's Ronnah.
For the first few KMs, I was behind a barefoot runner who was doing his 1st ultra run too, and the few Bai Parklane Runners. Again, we were saved by the Bai Parklane runner's support crew just like last year. It was a big relieve to get ice-cold water from them. (Let's join Hunat Sugbo's Dagan Para ni Maning.)
As early as KM20, Mark had his 1st series of longggg breaks. He took time massaging and applying liniment to his aching leg muscles. I got a feeling from that moment that we're already done. Way back at KM10, he was already complaining that he felt as if he's already on the last 10KM stretch of a race. Somehow, the whole race was a "babysitting" event for me.
But the view along Transcentral Highway never fails as a pick-upper. I got a picture of the moon early in the morning.
The play of nature and light early in the morning is just beautiful. It's one of the things I really look forward to in races. The pic does not do justice to the beauty of our planet earth.
The Brgy. Gaas uphill, which looked harmless, but, I'm sure is cursed by everyone.

I ran with this ultra runner, for a few stretch, who confessed that it was his first time to set foot on transcentral highway, and so I took a pic of him as a remembrance. Nothing beats discovering a new place on foot.
We had breakfast at the sky with Team ARC at the halfway, when Jidan received a message that Team ARC ruled the Coast to Coast. Robert Daang arrived 1st at the finish line on Solo Category, while Noel Tillor, teaming up with Coach Sherwin, on relay. Rhoda Oporto was also the female category champion. Go, Team ARC!
Yes, the champions already arrived at the finish line while we were still at the half-way already dying, and even forgot to pay for our noodles. This is a reminder to pay for our noodles. Sorry, guys.

Garci, Coach Sherwin (Relay champion with Noel Tillor), Jidan discussing any thing under the sun from chia seeds to linguistics.
Jay who was also doing his own coast to coast version on bike passed us. Epic ride!
The struggling husband at the unforgiving Cansamuroy downhill (I'm not sure if this is still Cansamuroy though). The 1st time I met this downhill last year, it was a very big surprise. It made the Bgry. Gaas uphill a lesser evil.
We got off the Transcentral Highway, down in the Balamban, Cebu town proper, with a worse performance compared last year. Seeing that there's no chance of getting the goal with Mark's state, I already wanted to quit at that moment. My goal was to finish in 12-hour cut-off time more than any thing else. I know it was probably too much of a goal for me. But hey, it's a goal, it's supposed to be NOT reachable. =)

With Mark's dismal looking state, I was torn between lashing at him for the previous weekend's ambitious bike ride, or just pulling him out of the race to stop his agony. It was really quite painful for me looking at his sorry state. We already tried all kinds of remedy, from chia seeds, to whatever energy bars, to good-old carenderia food. But nothing helped ease whatever discomfort he was feeling. So when he declared to DNF somewhere in KM53, I no longer argued with him.
I could go on, and finish the race. But sappy as it is, what for without him? Char! I was thinking if I had met him first in a race, I would definitely not marry this guy. Bayotaaaa! But thinking about it now, I'm proud he dragged his battered body for 50KM. Nevertheless, it was an EPIC weekened! =)

Thankfully, we bumped with a few of the finishers from TG-Lasang. Though, I did not finish, at least I got a picture with a few of the finishers.
Going home, we rented the whole back seat of V-hire, and cross the transcentral highway again, this time, comfortably! IMG_1778

Until the many next times, transcentral highway, until you get fed-up with me! This is becoming a TRY-dition for me!

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over 2 years ago

Chay Enerio @chaienerio

ill join you next time and hopefully we finish or if not we DNF together..heheheheheh! Love you rose!


over 2 years ago

Marjohn Presbitero @sakagawasan

Kaya ra na Ms. Rose, ayaw kabalaka makab-ot ra gyud na nimo ang imong goal. At least you give it a try, whereas ang uban mga tawo wala nisulay kay nangahadlok.

choy kaayo si Barts nisulod na sad sa dagan.hehe


over 2 years ago

R R Fernandez @ramonfernandeziii

pinaka epic nga linya..."I was instead sitting in some "cottage" along the route wanting to strangle the husband."
see you next year...hehehe


over 2 years ago

Salimuang Runner @dennis.igloria

lingawa ani nga story oi.


over 2 years ago

Victor Apacible @Torvz

Do it again Rose...accdg to Nick Vujicic " If I fail, I try again and again, and again "

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